Let's face it - the Gdpr is a big inconvenience. Organisations large and small do not want to be inundated with requests from data subjects every time there is a security breach reported in the news. Organisations do not want the additional burden of implementing mechanisms to track these request and respond within a month. A head in the sand approach seems to be very common. However, demonstrating a timely response to subject access requests (Sar) is at the core of the Gdpr.

G-Hub is a very economical, highly available, cloud based, Software as a Service web application that can meet the Gdpr Sar response requirement quickly and easily. Add a link from your privacy notice (it doesn't need to be too obvious) and let the app work for you. Receive notifications once a week informing of unfulfilled requests. G-Hub can give peace of mind - for the price of four cups of coffee a month.

Simply add your organisation and add a link to your website privacy notice - that's it - job done!

The Sar functionality is via a single web page that can be branded, content edited or leave as default. The subject is prompted to login using a Microsoft, Office 365, Hotmail, Outlook or Google account. Facebook is no longer offered. After a successful login, the Sar page dynamically crafts an email from the options you have configured. The subject reviews the page content and then submits. The email is then sent to both the organisation and the subject. The request is marked as open and recorded which is view-able to both participants. The organisation can respond by logging into the system, submitting a reply and then marking the request as closed.

To see how it works click here to submit a SAR to a fictitious company 'A1 Tyres'.